$4500.00, 7 day trip. First day of trip is the day before the season opens. Hunters arrive in Willowcreek. We drive for an hour to get to camp. Then we will get settled in, sight in rifles, enjoy a delicious dinner, and plan and pack for the hunt in the morning. The next five days are spent hunting elk, mainly on private property. Hunting methods include spot and stalk, drives, still hunting, and stands. We will be hunting timber pockets, aspen thickets, junipers, and sage brush. After the five days of hunting Elk we will come out of the hills on the seventh day of the trip and send you on your way home.

Included in the hunt: Transportation, meals, lodging, one guide per two hunters, beds, packing and care of game and capes.

Not Included: Sleeping bag, weapons and ammo, license and tags, taxidermy, liquor, tobacco, and personal gear.

License Pricing:
Oregon resident $29.50
Non-resident $148.50
Tag Cost
Oregon resident $42.50
Non-resident $508.50
Hunters apply in the draw for a tag. Applications need to be in by May 15th. If not drawn, landowner tags are available on a first come first served basis at no extra charge.

"I take only take a small number of hunters per year, with a very high success rate. I run a fairly small operation with a lot of repeat business."
Mike Schaffeld
(your guide)

A $1500.00 deposit is required to reserve your trip. An additional $1500.00 is due when you draw your tag, at which time you will receive additional information, directions, gear list, etc. The balance is due 30 days prior to the hunt.



High Lonesome Hunts

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